Faux Fur Trend of 2014

I am not one to wear real fur because I love animals too much (Pandas in particular lol) but faux fur, now that I can do! Looking back at 2014 I would have to say one of my favorite fashion trends was the faux fur vest! And did we see a lot of those in practically every stores or what? Mine in this picture comes from Zara and I have had it for a couple of years now but this year I saw a huge emergence of the faux fur vest in every collection!



My inspiration for this look (if you haven’t yet guessed) comes from Rachel Zoe and I love this woman! I mean she introduced me to this look 3 years ago when I would watch her run from one fashion week event to another (dare to dream).


I think the faux fur vest is going to stick around for another season maybe not on the runway but on the streets and all of us who invested in purchasing it. I also think its one of those investment pieces you are going to have for years to come and if fashion has taught us anything, its that trends make a recycled comeback… oh every few years or so!


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