I am about to introduce you to some brilliant music-straight from France! I predict these two girls are going to be the next breakthrough indie music artists of 2015 because of how extraordinary their musical style is. They are French/Cuban twin sisters and go by the name Ibeyi – also known as Naomi and Lisa-Kaindé Díaz. They are the daughters of a famous Cuban percussionist, which is one of my all time favorite instruments. Their sound is a mixture of electro-contemporary and spiritual music with a hint of the percussion instrument. I honestly haven’t heard music like this in a long time and most certainly not in North America. The first time I heard their song Oya- it gave me goose bumps because it was that effective. The conjoined voices of these twins is very powerful and captivating. I can’t wait to hear their album, which is said to drop Feb.16.2015.


I believe music should remain as an individual’s experience. So if you can, press play, close your eyes… and feel the music go through you ~ it’s that kind of music, I hope you all enjoy it!


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