Special Vancouverite Post: Exile Bistro


Attention all Vancouverites! I want to share with you the best places our city has to offer and therefore some of my posts will be dedicated to residents (or future visitors) of Vancouver, Canada. A few months ago I made the decision not to attend the regular chain restaurants that seem to be the only available place to grab a bite, you know which ones I am talking about; Cactus, Earls and Milestones. I have nothing against these places and honestly will go back for a quick bite here and there but when you know their menu like the back of your hand, it’s time to stop going for a while.

Therefore I set out to make a list of all the new restaurants (and ones I have never been to) for dining in Vancouver. I am determined and will really make the effort to go to all of them! No matter how far, no matter how pricey, I am dedicated to this!

photo 3

So far my venture has been ever so rewarding and tonight was no exception at “Exile-Bistro”. I just had dinner there with one of my good friends fellow blogger extraordinaire, the lovely Miss Nicole Wong. As we set out on our mission we put on our warmest coats (well at least she did!) and went over to Davie street where we found this little restaurant around the corner on Bute.

The setting of Exile Bistro is pretty unique, although the restaurant itself is rather small the interior decoration has been well put together to make it feel like you are in a trendy spot in Soho, NYC.

As far as the menu concerned both Nicole and I were very pleased with the Vegan and Vegetarian options as well as being attentive to food allergies (seriously most places really don’t understand the idea of having an egg allergy, honestly get it together). The menu is also designed for sharing so its better if you are with someone who has the same taste as you in food because then you can try multiple dishes. Nicole and I shared the following:

exile-bistro-2 Pumpkin gnocchi:wild mushrooms, spinach, sage (VE+GF)

Bison short ribs:birch syrup, spelt kernels, chaga cream (GF opt)

Cedar smoked potatoes:creme fraiche, cedar oil (GF+VE opt)

(V=vegetarian VE=vegan GF=gluten-free opt=option)

With only three dishes, we were pretty full at the end (given we did order two potato based dishes) but I have to say the Bison short ribs were my favorite. I am not a huge fan of ribs to begin with but this one just melts in your mouth. I was highly impressed by the different flavors they used in the Pumpkin gnocchi as well as the Cedar smoked potatoes. I can tell that the people at this restaurant know what they are doing because of how well made the food is! Loved it very impressed!

So what’s the verdict? I would say, most definitely qualified as one of the best places in this city! I would absolutely say go and try it for yourself! The service is friendly and attentive but the place can get packed pretty quickly so I recommend getting a reservation before hand.

Cheers to trying new places!



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