Online Shopping Tips


I know I am a little more than late to the game but I have just gotten myself heavily involved in online shopping and GOOD LORD! Is it ever addicting or what?! Living downtown I pass by a lot of stores especially on my walk home from work and of course take a peek into stores here and there. Right now is the post-Christmas sale season and there are actually a lot of good deals going on in some of my favourite stores, however, there is one major problem; SIZES!!!!

It is impossible for me to get my size in anything I like and it’s just so sad. I don’t know if this is a Vancouver problem or what? But the “Small” and the “Extra-Small” sizes are non-existent in the sale sections. And don’t even get me started on shoes! If you are like me and have the most common sized feet (US size 8), good luck ever grabbing a pair of shoes you want on sale. Therefore, I have been getting into the online shopping scene because it seems to be the only way to find my size during seasonal sales.

In my short time in the online shopping world I have picked-up a few tips that I would like to share with you all:


  • A picture can be deceiving: Things look so different (and obviously so much better on models) online. I try to go to the store and see the item I want before purchasing my size. I can’t tell you how many times on my Zara online cart I end-up with 12 items and after I see them in store, I come back and cut out 10 from my list, so this is a good practice.
  • Make minimum purchase orders for free shipping: It is amazing how much shipping costs can add up to your final bill, most online stores have a minimum of 50-100$ purchase which allows you to get free shipping. Try your best to use this towards your advantage and maybe buy a gift for a friend or something else you need to reach that point (it becomes highly worth it at the end).
  • Good items run-out fast: I have noticed that even online inventory for sized S-XS also runs out quickly so grab what you need fast! Especially if you have the option of free or in-store returns. There is nothing more painful than seeing your size get sold-out because you hesitated to buy it yesterday.
  • Budget before you go broke: Keep a list of all the items you have purchased for the month, if you are like me and get too excited about shopping then this is a useful tip; make an excel sheet (I am fully aware of how geeky this sounds) with all the items you have purchased for the month, with the prices and the subtotal, this way you can keep track of what you are spending.

I hope that these tips prove to be helpful! I wish you all the online shopping luck in the world! J



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