50 Shades of Red- 2015 Golden Globes

WOW! Just finished watching the entire Golden Globes 2015 and were there some heavy moments or what? With George Clooney professing his undying love to his new wife Amal, Prince showing up and everyone getting overly excited and of course just the sheer presence of Oprah Winfrey got me excited every time the camera cut to her!

Now lets talk red carpet! GOOD LORD did we see a lot of red this year? I mean I know that a red dress is always a hit at these award shows but my god every other woman was wearing one! Don’t get me wrong I love a red dress and all but I have to say the overload of seeing them on the screen was just a little much. Here are all the ladies in red~ The following images were obtained from The Huffington Post.

slide_393578_4839790_compressed slide_393578_4839904_compressed slide_393578_4839948_compressed slide_393578_4840528_compressed slide_393578_4839876_compressed slide_393578_4839598_compressed slide_393578_4839620_compressed slide_393578_4839788_compressed slide_393578_4840494_compressed slide_393578_4839568_compressed slide_393578_4839578_compressed slide_393578_4839624_compressed slide_393578_4839894_compressed slide_393578_4840496_compressed


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