The White Glove Disaster-Golden Globes 2015

I am a huge fan of Amal Clooney as she is an exceptionally intelligent woman with an impressive resume as an international lawyer. I still recall how exciting it was to hear that George Clooney was getting married to this accomplished woman and the girl knew how to dress in the days leading up to her wedding but I can’t say it was the same for last nights Golden Globes. I was actually really excited to see what kind of look she was going to come up with: would she wear another exquisite piece by the late Oscar de la Renta? Or maybe a Versace masterpiece that would wow her first red carpet appearance! but instead she wore this:

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

To be fair, the Christian Dior Haute Couture gown above is a classic but it was just not the right fit for the golden globes occasion and frankly it was a little boring. However, the real problem was not the dress but the gloves she chose to wear with them. Not only are these gloves distracting from the scrunched up fit, they also seem to be florescent white! And good lord to match them with a WHITE clutch as well?

Amal ClooneyAmal Clooeny earrings 2

From the looks of it even George Clooney was able to pickup on the gloves being a distraction. This was certainly not Amal’s best moment and I am suspecting she was trying to emulate an Audrey Hepburn look that just didn’t go as planned…



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