Special Vancouverite Post: Au Comptoir


This is a special post for Vancouverites and those who will be passing through our city. I have discovered one of the best new restaurants in town and I tell you this with the up most confidence. Au Comptoir is a classic Parisian cafe in Kitsilano that brings a little taste of Paris to Vancouver. I have already been there several times for brunch and dinner and their food is excellent! Everything from: the quality, taste and presentation impressed me and took me to the streets of Paris ❤

The owners Julien Aubin and Maxime Bettili have brought the true authentic French feel and taste to this restaurant. This includes attention to the smallest details such as the cups and utensils to even the chairs and all the decor. Daniel McGee is the head chef at Au Comptoir and it did not surprise me to find out he was formerly a sous-chef at PiDGiN (another one of my fav. spots) because of how delicious everything tastes, he certainly knows how to work his magic in the kitchen.
I have to say another fun element that keeps me going back is the wonderful service. The waiters have always been friendly and extremely attentive to my friends and I, which really helps to build a positive feeling towards this restaurant. I recommend that you try this place for yourself because its worth it! and my number one advice is to save room for dessert. I don’t normally love the dessert selection at restaurants but this is one place that knows how to serve authentic Parisian desserts, I recommend the Macaroons… it’s like you are eating a little piece of heaven.
My other Recommendations:
Appetizers: ASSIETTE DE FROMAGES- one cheese – three cheeses (some imported from France!)
DInner: BAVETTE, POMMES DAUPHINES- skirt steak, pommes dauphines, roquefort or shallot-red wine sauce.
Breakfast: BREAKFAST AU COMPTOIR- eggs cocotte, house-made sausage or bacon, country bread, sautéed potatoes.
Bon Appetit! ❤
XOXO- ParPar.V

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    1. parparvan says:

      Thank you so much!! 🙂


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