A Little Red Lipstick Goes A Long Way!

Par close up edit

When it comes to makeup I like to keep it as simple as possible and I am most certainly not a fan of clown makeup. My number one rule is to focus on one facial feature at a time, meaning: if you are going to go for the smoky eye makeup try to keep the lips as simple as possible. As such, if you are applying minimal eye makeup you can afford to go darker on the lips.

One of my favorite and easily obtainable looks is a basic combination of red lipstick, mascara and a thin layer of upper eyeliner. This is a clean and simple look that never goes out of style!

If you do decide to go with red lipstick, I recommend neutral or basic colors of clothing (black, white, grey) so that way the red can become the focal point of your look. I personally don’t ever want to replicate all the colors of the rainbow so if I choose to go with a multi-color outfit I stay away from red lipstick.

My favorite red lipstick is the Viva Glam Rihanna lipstick by Mac and if you add the matching red gloss as the top layer you can obtain an extra element of shine. Always carry your lipstick with you because there is nothing worse than a fading red lip that you can’t do anything about. And remember when it comes to makeup application “Keep it Simple”.



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      Awwwww thank you sooo much! I really appreciate it ❤


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