Spotted! Gossip Girl coming to Vancouver: Leighton Meester


Over the weekend I was looking up artists that are coming to Vancouver B.C whose shows I could checkout and I recognized a very 1414459192226_wps_13_NEW_YORK_NY_JUNE_08_Leighfamiliar name: Leighton Meester, Our very own gossip girl! The last I heard of her was when she secretly got married to Adam Brody back in February of 2014 (Ps. HOW CUTE ARE THEY?!! ❤ Love)

I knew she was trying to get into singing back in 2009 but I personally wrote her off when heard her first single; ‘Somebody To Love’ featuring none other than… Robin Thicke (ugh… not my cup of tea). The single that was nothing short of a disaster with bad vocals, typical pop-mix and an over sexualized video to go along with the package. It is likely though that she was being pushed by her label to do this type of music but oh dear… it was not good… here take a look for yourself: 

I warned you about the Robin Thicke part and I think if this video proves anything it’s that Pharrell Williams was behind the entire popularity which Robin Thicke gained in North America in the last year, I mean he cant even rap in this video! what on earth was that?!! (ok end of rant I promise lol).

Now though, it appears Leighton has totally switched genres to a softer more indie style of music . What a difference from her last song to this and you know what? I have to give it to her, girl has a smooth voice:

Leighton Meester isn’t even the only ‘Gossip Girl’ who has taken on a singing career, in fact before Leightoon we saw sweet sweet Jenny Humphrey played by Taylor Momsen leave the show early to pursue her singing career with her band: The Pretty Reckless.

And Reckless they were before we knew it we saw Taylor Momsen go from this:


To This………


…At least we know she was a good actress because if this is who she really is then Jenny Humphrey must have been torture to act out for her! Any who, I actually kind of, secretly, like the first single released by Taylor Momsen its not typically my style but if I were to listen to any kind of rock this would be it:

Taylor has done fairly well for herself leaving behind her ‘Gossip Girl’ past and working hard at several tours worldwide. As for Leightoon Meester, if YouTube is any indication of success on a new single, with only having had her song out for 2 months getting around 1.4 million views (as of today) is not too shabby! Leightoon is also currently on tour and is scheduled to visit Vancouver, March 1st and tickets are only 25$! She seems to be playing smaller venues so to build her fan base over time I am sure.

XoXo. ParParV


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  1. envytheedge says:

    Hiya just to let you know, that we have nominated you for the Sisterhood of the world award!!

    Look forward to reading it 😁

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