Grammys 2015 Red Carpet!

I am writing this post literally as the Grammys are on right now because I can’t contain myself from sharing my thoughts on the red carpet!!! AND what a red carpet event!! ok this post is going to be picture and comment heavy lets start the fun!


slide_401366_4967296_compressedSia absolutely stole the spot light with that hair and so avant guard the pose the outfit! HIT!!


slide_401366_4967796_compressedKim-K huge fail me for me… this dress looks like a fancy robe with sparkles, no … just no.

Katy Perry


Trendy Katy wins for me in this little number with a see through dress and purple hair how could you go wrong?! LOVE!



Rihanna!! She does not bore us ever does she? I mean yes a lot of pink but you know what? it’s the Grammys not the Oscars! I LOVE it!! Good for you girl! Pretty in Pink RiRi ❤



Madonna wore what ONLY Madonna could wear! this crazy “Pirates of the Caribbean” ensemble is so Madonna that it doesn’t even matter if i don’t like it!! She knows how to own her own look!!! AND her performance oh my .. what and entertainer!! 



Beyonce… I was kinda surprised she hit the snooze button on her outfit.. I don’t know.. I mean  it’s the Grammys B.. what happened? I was not wowed but she still looks sooooo pretty! 

Taylor Swift


Talented Taylor swift… not too impressed with the shiny somewhat typical gown and the fusion purple pumps? I am not a fan of this look it was a huge miss for me.. but at least it brings out her deep blue eyes!



Awww Miley met Edward Scissorhands right before the show! Miss.

Gwen Stefani



GWEN!!! THANK YOU FOR NOT WEARING RED LIPSTICK!!! My god I think its been years since we saw her in more natural makeup love love love this look.. classy and unique! Hit!

Kat Graham



And my final pick of the evening is from the beautiful Kat Graham this was my favourite look!!! She took the floral trend of spring 2015 and combined it with a black and white see-through gown!! I ADORE!! Love! Hit!!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. charmellie says:

    Taylors gown stole the show for me! She has gone up in my estimations with her style choices lately! X

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Patricia says:

    Great picks!! Loved everything about Sia´s red carpet appearance!! It´s very well known where she stands when it comes to fame and the media.

    Liked by 1 person

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