Film Review: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson proves his genius level talent by directing and writing one of the best films of 2014. I have to say, of the Oscar nominated movies this was one of my favorites to watch because of the level of comedic entertainment it brought to the screen.

The movie is told in a ‘story-like’ format of a hotel in the 1930s that is run by a strict concierge known as Gustave. In order to ensure the best ‘quality’ service is provided, Gustave sometimes takes extreme (sexual) measures to please his elderly female guests. He also hires a junior lobby boy, Zero, as his protégé who gradually becomes his sole confidant and friend in the hotel.

All of this seems to be flowing well until one of the hotels long time guests (and sexual partners of Gustave) suddenly passes away and leaves a significant part of her assets to Gustave. This in turn makes him a prime suspect of her murder and authorities subsequently arrest him. In this hilarious scene you can find the subtle comic reliefs that are found throughout the movie as Gustave is confronted by authorities:

I just loved all the scenes of the movie that contained those awkward yet hilarious silent pauses. The character of Gustave was a delight to watch on screen and I think Ralph Fiennes was able to play the perfectionist role marvelously. The character of Zero played by Tony Revolori was also a delight to watch and I really enjoyed the dynamic of these two leading roles!


A lot of other familiar faces popup here and there throughout the movie which kept me as a viewer constantly surprised with just a few to name: Willem Dafoe, Adrien Brody, Jeff Goldblum, Jude Law Edward Norton, Bill Murray and even Owen Wilson!

GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL_426.jpg budapesthtelCato-GRAND-BUDAPEST-HOTEL-TRAILER-facebookGEl.1280x720 murray-14 grand-budapest-hotel-owen-wilson

Was there anyone left in Hollywood who wasn’t in this movie?!

What I really loved about this movie was how the story was told as if you were reading a novel; the choice of having a narrator was a great one for keeping the audience notified of what was going on with the story line. I really loved the characters and how they interacted with each other; this was a smart and witty comedy that was clearly thought-out. The cinematography and visual storyboard of the movie was beautiful and completely fit the narrative.

What I didn’t like about the movie was the surprising dark scenes and a few particular violent scenes that seem to come out of nowhere! I mean.. for a comedy it was a little unexpected but luckily Wes Anderson was careful to move on quickly with a comic-relief after each violent scene.

To conclude, I would have picked this movie to be the Oscar winner! But I know the academy wont… it’s too light-hearted for an Oscar but I think it is still brilliant enough to be nominated. I say this is a must watch movie when it comes to entertainment and I give it 9/10!


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