Sunday-FunDay Brunch! & #OOTD

If Brunching was an Olympic sport, believe me, I would be a gold medalist (along with many of my friends). There is IMG_8720something so perfect about waking-up late Sunday morning and enjoying a nice brunch! I can’t even remember the last time I didn’t have brunch on a Sunday, it has most certainly become my weekly ritual and the best way to de-stress from the weekly grind (& even sometimes the weekend grind).


Aside from brunching, Sundays are my days to relax and to take time to really enjoy the people who I love dearly! One of theIMG_8736 people I adore is Luv, who just so happens to be an amazing fashion blogger! Luv and I met at Simon Fraser University during our undergrad days and became partners for a 400 level Communications class that had us conduct an intense four-hour seminar and if it wasn’t for this amazing partner, I don’t know what I would have done! We got really close as the project we were presenting required countless hours of preparation. Both of us kinda of have this freakish perfectionist personality (you know the type that gets completely pre-occupied with colour-coding notes for an hour or two) and I think that’s what really made us bond. I never really had a partner that worked as hard as I did on group projects so I knew right after working with Luv that we were going to be good friends.

And my instincts proved to be correct because even long after graduation, we have not only kept in touch but also helped spark inspiration in each other.

Luv does an outstanding job with her weekly posts for  “Manicure Mondays” on her blog, which I recommend for you all to checkout.

Luv is also a wonderful cook! luckily I get to enjoy that as a good friend. And so we spent our Sunday morning by the patio, next to some fresh-cut flowers and enjoyed our meal with some strong coffee but not only that, there were ohhh sooo many laughs!!! How could I not be grateful after such a wonderful day! ❤






Emerald Green pleated Maxi skirt
IMG_8770Black Faux Leather Jacket, under: loose-fitting black tank top with a white-collar trim

Xx. ParPar.V


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