#OOTD Wednesday & Preparation for Norouz!

With Persian New Year (Norouz) fast approaching, I have been so busy in preparation for the upcoming days and especially my first attempt at making the traditional persian table (Haft Seen), stay tuned for a future post on how it ends-up (fingers-crossed it all goes beautifully)!

I am not typically a traditional person and since I was raised in Canada, I never really had much drive to partake in anything for Norouz. It’s been a few years now that my family has been away and I am really missing some of the Persian festivities I took for-granted as a child. So this year I decided to bring some of my beautiful culture back! And so I am going to be hosting my very first Norouz Persian Dinner party (ironically, none of the attendees aside from myself are Persian lol). I’ll keep you guys posted with the results over the weekend.

And now for my Wednesday #OOTD:


Ring: Silver-grey Wrapped Leaf


Necklace: Solid Silver-grey chain


Army-green Relaxed Jacket: Anthropologie

(under: Basic-Black tank, tightly fitted)


Shoes- Black Leather with Silver Zipper detailing: Micheal Kors


Pants: Zara


Thank you so much for visiting!

Be sure to check back soon on my upcoming post on Norouz!

Xx. ParParV


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