Happy Norooz! (Persian New Year)


Happy Norooz & the first day of spring to all my beautiful followers and readers! As I mentioned in my last post I have been busy planning for a dinner party and making my first ‘Haft-Seen’ table (seen in the picture above). I have to say I was pretty nervous putting it all together because I have never done it before and it took a solid three days of collecting everything! Let me know what you guys think?!

The New Year is today, the first day of spring or Equinox and the beginning of the year in the Persian calendar. It is celebrated on the day of the astronomical Northward equinox, which usually occurs on March 21 or the previous/following day depending on where it is observed.

The Haft-Seen table is a traditional Persian New Year table, consisting of many elements that in Farsi start with the letter “S”, Haft-Seen in translation is actually “Seven-S” and here is what it all means:

The Haft Seen
1. Sabzeh – sprouts growing in a dish – symbolizing rebirth.
2. Samanu – sweet pudding made from wheat germ – symbolizing affluence.
3. Senjed – dried oleaster Wild Olive fruit – symbolizing love.
4. Sir – garlic – symbolizing medicine.
5. Sib – apples – symbolizing beauty and health.
6. Somāq – sumac fruit – symbolizing (the color of) sunrise.
7. Serkeh – vinegar – symbolizing old-age and patience.

All this symbolism gets me so excited about Spring, growth and self development! I hope you all get a little inspiration from this post too!

Xx. ParParV


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  1. Happy Nawroz to you too!

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  2. jwforeva says:

    Wow that looks delicious 🙂

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