Concert Review: Stromae

Bonjour Bonjour!

It’s 1 AM  as I am writing this post but i’ll be sure to schedule the post for a more humanely hour so that my amazing subscribers don’t wake up to a 1 AM email notification.  I just came back from the Stromae concert here in Vancouver as he is running his North American tour before heading over to perform at Coachella music festival.

 The show was held at the Orpheum Theater which surprised me at first because it’s more of a “theater/orchestra hall” and I wasn’t exactly sure why Stromae would pick such a venue, although, when the show was over it all made sense…  Stromae didn’t just go on stage to “sing”, he literally put on a theatrical performance that captivated the entire audience. A brilliant “one-man show” that was supported by a full ensemble of; musicians, lights, sound and 3D visual displays. I mean this guy knows how to perform on another “level”. He not only planned and designed the show but he did so with great attention to detail such as; light, sound, visuals and dance .

I honestly can tell you all that I haven’t seen a show like that in a long time! Stromae also split his show into “Theatrical-Acts” (Act 1,2,3,4) so his concert played out as a story being performed on stage. In between the Acts, Stromae took the time to connect with the audience by asking us all fun and silly questions like if we knew that French fries really came from Belgium?! and that the French have been scamming us with this false information on the origin of fries for far too long lol.

He also would stop in-between the sets to pump-up the crowd and got us all to partake in the performance by directing us to sing and dance with him! And really made the live-performance worth watching as an audience member. I really encourage you all to go checkout this show for yourself, even if you don’t speak French, Stromae is one performer that you don’t want to miss and I feel very lucky to have witnessed his show live!

Xx. ParPar.V


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  1. In my french class last year my teacher played ‘Papaoutai’ and after that I’ve been obsessed with him ever since!!! You are so lucky you got to go see him – glad you enjoyed it! 😊

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    1. parparvan says:

      You are lucky to have had such an awesome teacher!! Stromae is great! you should check him out live too 🙂

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      1. Haha! I know! 😁 I would love to! 😄

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