Concert Review: Ibeyi

One week ago today, I attended the Ibeyi concert here in Vancouver as it was their final stop in their first ever North American tour. It’s hard to believe that only a few months ago I had written a blog post about these girls and then just like that~they come to my city! Talk about channeling the right energy. If you haven’t heard of Ibeyi yet, trust me you will be hearing a lot about them in the near future. I predict that these girls are going to be the next breakthrough indie-artists in 2015 and I am willing to put my name on it.

It’s really difficult to put Ibeyi in any one ‘genre’ of music because they have such a unique sound and witnessing them perform live was further proof of that. The best I can do to even attempt to describe their sound is a combination of; R&B, Soul and Electro with a brilliant experimental twist.

Twin sisters, Naomi and Lisa-Kainde are shockingly only 20 years of age and yet their voices are matured far beyond their lived years, this is something you can feel right away when they perform. As I attended the concert at Fortune Sound, on Monday April 6th 2015, I was thrilled to see a packed house! So many people had come to see these girls and they had only recently dropped their first self-titled album two months ago. Their album is dedicated to their deceased father who passed away in 2006 and their older sister who passed away in 2013. Knowing the trauma these girls have gone through, I was in awe of their level of strength and power as soon as they hit the stage. Lisa and Naomi started the concert singing a-capella which had the entire audience completely mesmerized, I am sure most of us were not aware of what they were singing but you could feel their voice just go right through your body and into your soul. After a brief introduction, Ibeyi took to their instruments; piano and percussion and began the magical night with one of my favorite songs “Ghosts”.

In between each song the audience got to know Ibeyi a little more as the twins shared some of their history and Cuban traditions. What I found most interesting was how clearly connected they were with their spiritual beings and they talked about it so confidently. This made me realize why at only 20 years of age these girls are so well aware of who they are and what they want to accomplish. As the live performance carried on, I found myself entirely syncing into the music. The songs of Ibeyi have no rules and often no formulated structure and because of this I found their sound allows for an intense and deeper connection to music, unlike anything I have ever heard before.

The highlight of the evening for me was when I realized their mother was standing not so far from the crowd and right next to me by the sound-check. I looked at her as she was singing along to every song, the connection these girls have to each other and their mom is just simply beautiful. I felt honored to be in the presence of such pure music and highly recommend that you all check them out!


Picture credit: Ryan Andrew Mitchell 


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  1. Ooh sounds like such a great concert! I will have to check this group out!

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  2. vianwi says:

    This makes me so happy !! I love them 🙂

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