15 Things I learned from My Mom!

As my moms visit to Vancouver comes to an end & we have to say goodbye again, I realized just how much you can learn from your parents as an adult versus when you were a child. It’s not often that we pay attention to our parents and a lot of times we dismiss their messages completely.
Since my mom only visits me once a year and for a short period of time, I have become more appreciative of her presence. Upon her last visit here, I promised myself to really stay in the present moment and try to take in everything she says. For this change in attitude, I was rewarded big time! By gaining some of the best memories I have yet to make with my mom!
With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I encourage you all to spend quality time with Moms everywhere and really pay attention to them! There is something to be learned from these incredible women.
15 Things I learned from My Mom
1. love with all your heart ❤
2. Forgive the unforgivable!
3. Stay true to yourself.
4. Be honest & kind to others.
5. Work hard.
6. To eat my fruits and vegetables (she still reminds me all the time).
7. Drink 8 glasses of water every day.
8. Don’t get married too young, take your time growing into an independent woman.
9. Don’t get lost in the “Cinderella story”, a man can never make all your dreams come true- you have to do it on your own.
10. Value and respect yourself in relationships.
11. You teach people how to treat you.
12. Patience is everything.
13. There is apparently an unlimited amount of hugs that can be given from Mom! ❤
14. You love your kids no matter what they’ve put you through! (lol..sorry mom)
15. A mothers love cannot be replaced by anything else in this world. ❤
Love you so much Mom!
XoXo. ParParV

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