Makeup I swear by: Lancôme Paris


It’s official I am almost done switching over most of my makeup to Lancôme products because I simply love this company. Aside from my foundation, which I still get from Mac, I use to be pretty meh about makeup products. But after my mom got me a Lancôme gift bag, I was really impressed with the quality of their products! Here are few essentials I swear by:

1) Eye-Makeup Remover: wearing mascara can be damaging for your eyelashes and removing it before bed is vital! I cannot emphasize this enough. The Lancôme eye-makeup remover is really easy to use and free of harsh chemicals.

*Tip: just dab a little bit on the tip of your lashes first and leave it for a few minutes before rubbing off the makeup. This helps prevent loss of eyelashes.

2) Toner: Ok to be honest, I never used Toner before but my gosh… it totally makes your skin feel better! I am hooked and it is now a part of my skin-care routine.

3) Eye cream and Nighttime face cream: Again! Two things I never really cared to use before but with Lancôme I am really starting to see the benefits, my skin feels rejuvenated every morning!

4) Hypnoses – Mascara by Lancôme: Oh my gosh, this is it! This is the mascara I have been looking for!! After a failed attempt at Mac and Elizabeth Arden mascaras, I am really liking the Hypnose brush and lightweight mascara. To be honest I still layer it with L’Oreal mascara but the base application is pretty good!Blush and Lipstick

5) Lipstick: I have actually long been using Lancôme lipstick and I swear by it! I really like the feel of it on my lips.

6) Liquid Eyeliner: This particular one is really easy to use and perfect for precise upper-lid lining.

7) Pencil Eyeliner: great quality product, free of harsh chemicals! Excellent for lower eyelids.

8) Eye Concealer: This is another new addition to my game, I never really used this before but I can see that it gives better coverage for under your eyes. The one from Lancôme is super light and delicately designed for the softer skin under your eyes!

9) Blush: Again, not usually in my game plan for makeup but once in a while it’s not a bad look to try, especially before a night out!


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  1. It’s always so great to hear about products other bloggers I love love to use! Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. parparvan says:

      I know!! I am getting all my beauty advice from other bloggers!! really enjoy my experience thus far Xx.


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