Concert Review: Kodaline in Vancouver


Hello Hello!

Last night I had the chance to checkout a live-show in Vancouver by a fairly well known Irish rock band known as Kodaline. The show took place at the Commodore Ballroom right here in Vancouver and it was a sold-out event.

To be quite honest, I had never even heard of this band until a co-worker of mine introduced me to them. Since I love to attend live-shows I was excited to familiarize myself with their music and so I had their first and second album on repeat.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I attended the event with my co-worker but I was most certainly not disappointed. As it was a sold-out show it was a packed house and right away it was obvious that many of the attendees were true Irish fans of the band, singing along to every song!

I really enjoyed the live-show and from my point of reference they band has a familiar “Cold Play” type of sound with of course some Irish soul.

Some of the highlights were when the crowd was encouraged to sing-along and they did so with the upmost level of enthusiasm. Other highlights included watching some folks enjoying a lot of Irish beer and chanting “Olay Ole” as if we were at a soccer stadium.

The band was clearly well seasoned, having had some experience touring and really amped-up the crowd as well! My twitter research shows me that they too enjoyed the city of Vancouver as they tweeted this pic of their cycling ventures here!

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 7.33.01 PM

I would 100% recommend that you guys check them out if they roll-up on your side of the world!

Xx. ParParV


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  1. I’ve never head of this group. but I’m adding them to my library now. Thanks for this post!


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