Five Summer Fashion Trends that will Carry Over into Fall 2015

If you still haven’t gotten the key pieces for the summer in your wardrobe, not to worry! Right now is a great opportunity to stock-up on wardrobe essentials for the summer because most of the stores are having online and in-store sales. And it’s only the start of July so we all still have lots of time to enjoy the summer fashion trends of 2015. If you are starting to shop for these trends now what you want to invest in are those pieces that will hopefully carry over into fall, so here are my picks:

  1. Fringe is EVERYTHING: I am sure by now you have seen ‘Fringe’ everywhere! From bikinis to purses and even shoes this is one trend that is literally unavoidable for summer 2015. To be honest, when it comes to ‘Fringe’; I think it’s best not to overdo the trend with a full Fringe dress per say. I personally would recommend an accessory piece like a bag or a clutch because that’s far more likely to carry over into the fall season than any other fringe piece. olivia-palermo-nyfw
  2. Color-block Panama Hats: This summer we have been seeing a lot of oversized Boho hats as well as scoop straw boat hats with a band detailing. I personally love a classic boat hat myself but I think the trend that will carry over into the fall is the Color-block Panama Hat and that’s because of its fabric being more solid and more friendly for the fall fashion.54ac67d9784b3_-_elle-05-summer-hats-panama-elh
  3. Round Sunglasses: We saw round framed sunglasses come back in style this summer in a BIG way! And they are here to stay till at least the end of fall, with multiple frame patterns it’s so hard to choose but luckily our friends at Vogue have it covered with their top 13 picks.round-sunglasses-holding
  4. Ripped Jeans & a hole lotta Leg: The ripped jean trend got a little extreme this summer with a full on hole from the upper thigh to the knee;article-2609835-1D3F885C00000578-50_634x947 I wouldn’t invest in this particular piece for the fall. While it looks like ripped jeans from summer 2015 do peak into fall, they will be more cleaned-up and polished. If you already got them, best to flaunt them now before the summer ends.
  1. The No Make-up, Make-up Look: This years hottest makeup trend is the return to minimalism. The nude and no-makeup look is the goal for this season as seen on almost all the runways of 2015 fashion shows. As such, lipsticks have also turned to more nude and basic light colors to accommodate the Boho-chic trends we are seeing. I think the minimalist make-up look will carry over into fall’s day look and the same goes with nail polish; beige, nude and skin tones.


Xx. ParPar.V


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  1. Sloane Beck says:

    Whole collection is very nice. I just love these round sunglasses. Seems perfect for me.

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