Weekend Must Haves: Flowers & Brunch

Hello my lovely readers!
Hope you are all enjoying the start to your weekend wherever you are in the world! ❤

I want to start off by saying a HUGE thanks to each and every single one of you for supporting my blog. Last month I had the highest amount of traffic come through to my site and it’s been very rewarding to see all your comments and emails. I am excited for the month of August and I plan on being extra attentive to the site and to you all!

Here in Vancouver we just kicked-off the long weekend as we are celebrating B.C Day this Monday and we all get an extra day off work to enjoy the beautiful province of British Columbia. I feel very lucky to live here having the chance to constantly be surrounded with nature as I have mentioned in my previous posts 🙂

One of my all time favourite ways to enjoy the weekend is brunch and if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram this is something you have definitely noticed by now. 🙂

I also love fresh flowers in my living space and I try to make an effort to always have some at home. This may sound silly but I find that fresh flowers give the house positive energy. I love getting flowers and arranging them myself and I take in all the details of the flower petals and leaves. I find this practice to be very relaxing and one that brings me great joy!

I distinctly recall in my studies of the Persian Empire, reading about King Cyrus The Great (559-530 BC) and how he enjoyed gardening as well (yes! a king that would garden). He considered gardening to be a heavenly job and one that brought him great satisfaction! This is something that I remembered this morning as I glanced over at my freshly picked flowers and thought gosh such beauty and how lucky that we all get to have the privilege to pick out beautiful flowers simply from a store and bring it back home to our living spaces.

Here are a few pictures of flowers i noticed I have been Tweeting and Instagraming I hope you all enjoy your saturday!






Xx. ParParV


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  1. swajithkas says:

    Hope you are all enjoying the start to your weekend wherever you are in the world! ❤
    Same to you!!!!!!!!!

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