Life-Hack: Do it Yourself Flower Arrangements

Hello My Lovely Readers,

One of my favorite weekend rituals is to go for a nice long walk by the sea wall and make my way to the local flower shop to pick my own lovely stems. Not only is this relaxing but for whatever reason flowers make me really really happy! As I have mentioned before, having fresh flowers in the house just brings about a positive vibe so this is a routine I keep up with!

One of the things I noticed I was struggling with was arranging the flowers at home because they don’t always stand as I would like them to in the vase. With a little bit of Googling and reading some awesome life-hack blogs I found the perfect solution and I just had to share it!

This is a simple and easy way to arrange your own gorgeous flowers at home that I read about on


All you need is some scotch tape and your vase! Then make a grid with the scotch tape over the vase after you fill it up with water.


Next, simply arrange your flowers in the grid according to where you want each stem to stand! Ta-Da! And you are done 🙂

Xx. parparv


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