Monday Motivations: Balmain

Happy Monday morning!

Since Mondays are a bit tough to get through we all need a little motivation to get a little fuel in our work engines and over the last week I have been getting mine from Balmain’s head fashion designer; Olivier Rousteing.  

Balmain is an haute couture fashion house from France that was founded back in 1914 by Pierre Balmain. More recently Balmain has been making headlines teaming up (for the first time) with H&M for an exclusive and limited edition collection that will be hitting stores November 5th. Meaning, we don’t have to spend 4 grand on a Balmain jacket, we can get it at a more reasonable price for a very limited time!


By now I am sure you are wondering why is this all supposed to be motivational? Well it’s all thanks to the newest head designer Olivier Rousteing who at only 29 has taken the fashion house to new heights. Since Olivier began his work at Balmain the fashion house has seen what is said to be a 40% increase in sales, which in the fashion industry is beyond huge. It’s not just the numbers and figures that inspires me about Olivier Rousteing, I guess it’s about his story and his determination and hard work.

Born September 13, 1985 Olivier was in an orphanage until he was adopted at the age of one and moved to Bordeaux (South of France) with his new family. it wasn’t until he went to college for fashion design that he moved to Paris and soon after finishing school he began working Roberto Cavilli, in Italy, for almost six years. His talents and creativity would bring him back to Paris for Balmain and here is where he really flourished as a fashion designer.

At a very young age and in a tough industry, Rousteing took a leadership role at the fashion house. Recognizing the power of social media, unlike other traditional French designers, helped him gain celebrity status exposure on instagram with 1.1 million followers. In turn, creating buzz by reaching out to celebrity friends such as Rihanna, Beyonce, and the Kardashians with selfie type ads that the new generation understands. He has helped revamp Balmain’s standalone store in Paris and opened more stores in London & New York.

I am personally inspired by his story because if there was ever an example of paying your dues, working hard, working smart and building your empire along the way, Olivier Rousteing is it!

I hope this story inspires you guys even just a little bit 🙂




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