Artist Spotlight: Lianne La Havas

Hello my amazing readers!

It’s artist spotlight Wednesday and I don’t know about you but my ears are craving some new tunes and if my ears could talk right now this is what they would say:

“Give me some SOUL! Give me some LONDON! Give me some Lianne La Havas!”

I am sure many of my UK readers have heard of Lianne La Havas but being in North America, we are a little less exposed to these gems! I can’t believe this girl is only 26 because she has a soulful voice far far far beyond her years.

She is a singer/songwriter born in London, England to a Greek father and Jamaican mother. Her debut album was first released back in 2012: “Is Your Love Big Enough?” which is just one of my favorite albums to listen to chill. Her latest album just dropped (July 31, 2015): “Blood” and I am so so so excited to listen to it. Here are some of my favorite tunes from Lianne, let me know what you guys think:


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