Artist Spotlight: Alabama Shakes!

Hello Hello!

It’s artist spotlight Wednesday, which means we’ve made it halfway through the week (Yay!!). This week for my artist spotlight I am featuring Alabama Shakes! I am actually surprised I haven’t yet covered this band yet because I don’t even think they are indie anymore, or are they? (I really don’t know).

The band started back in 2009 in Alabama & began their career doing the performance grind at bars/small gigs. Like most bands that start out, this was no easy climb up the ladder and in fact up until 2010 Alabama Shakes was completely unheard-of! Luckily though they stuck it out and in 2012 released their first album (Boys & Girls). I think they owe their success to their root rock sound that consist of old school soul, a little bit of blues and the lead singer. Honestly Brittany Howard’s voice carries this band to the spotlight from an ever-growing sea of rock bands. She is obviously super unique and talented singer but there is something so different about her voice that just gets the listeners to connect.

Alright, now I really want to hear from you guys about this band! Have you heard of them? Do you like their sound? What do you think of Brittany Howard and her voice? I want the deets guys and gals 😉

Also here are some of my favorite songs:


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  1. Thank you for introducing this band ParParV.. I never knew about them and I really like their sound.

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