DIY: Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Hello Hello!

Halloween is coming up in less than 2 days! And if you are still struggling to figure out a costume to wear or need some last minute ideas there are tons and I mean TONS of great ideas out there! I am gonna breakdown some of my favourites for those do it yourself (DIY) costumes in the dire situation of the last hour before you decide that you will actually go to that Halloween party you weren’t planning on going to!

  1. Wednesday Adams: This one comes from Buzz Feed (#15) all you need is an all black dress and braiding your hair into pigtails. Make sure to overly do your makeup in white and the less color the better:


2. Error 404 Message: This one comes from and it’s pretty good for guys and gals! All you need is white t-shirt and a sharpie to write the following message: “404- Costume Not Found” LOL! that one kinda cracks me up 😛


3. Jelly Beans: This one comes from: and is pretty genius! all you need is a white see through bag that will cover your upper body and some mini balloons! Super creative right?


4. Candy”Rappers”: this one is AMAZING! comes from all you need is an oversized sweater with a hoodie some sunglasses and a few candy wrappers to stick on and VOLA! you got your self some slick Candy “Rappers” hahahaha!


Let me know if you have any fun Halloween costumes you would like to share! 🙂



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