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  1. Josh Wrenn says:

    I loved this. This is the idea I have been going with a lot lately. It is why I am doing the open mic night tomorrow, even though I don’t feel like I am ready. I just need to push myself.

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    1. parparvan says:

      Thank you! It is a really good concept to grasp because I honestly never “feel like it” either! I am so so so happy you are doing stand up way to push yourself through it! keep me posted on how it goes 🙂 plz!

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      1. Josh Wrenn says:

        No, music open night. I am actually going to sing a song I wrote. Yikes!


  2. I agree that TED talks can be over the top or exaggerated. They are good as a motivational tool but we all have to find our own way to accomplish new things. No one way of doing things works for everyone. Just keep trying!


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