Super Soul Sunday: Personal Manifesto.

I have grown to become intolerant of what displeases me, not because I am unaccepting of people or somehow cynical of the world but because I have developed a great sense of appreciation for who I am and what I have to offer.

I no longer tolerate being used, abused, or mistreated and that has only developed through life experiences.

I can no longer stand to be around those who want to criticize me or change me in any way. I have always been an advocate for encouraging people to live to their highest potential and I won’t stand by those who cannot wish the same for me.

Throughout the years I have loved and dedicated my energy to people who did not deserve or appreciate it, I now refuse to do that.

I find that excessive criticism is pointless and I cannot stand to be around those who have a rigid personality. I only want to be enlightened and I get bored quickly of those who are stuck in the past.

I understand that there are those who lie and manipulate and act on jealousy but I never did understand why, nor do I want to.

I no longer want to spend a single minute around those who do not love me or care about me; I have decided not to coexist with them.

In the same breath, I can’t tolerate people who are lost in their own ego and can’t see past their economical stance and social norms. Academia is overrated to me and I can’t stand the ego that comes with academic titles.

I believe in a world of the collective and greater good, as idealistic as that may sound. I believe we are no further away from each other than a few degrees of separation. For that reason, I can’t stand people who do not have sympathy for refugees, the homeless or those with poor life circumstances.

I find honesty is rare and less and less common these days, which greatly upsets me. In friendships I can’t stand the lack of loyalty and my expectations of my friends have always been high.

Immaturity is a luxury I have not been granted in my life. I have a great appreciation for those who have experienced hardship in their lives and have come through stronger, I see it as the greatest currency of life.

I have lost the will to please those who can’t be happy to see me succeed and I also don’t feel the need to apologize for who I am.

Gossiping is a revolting habit that I reject and stay away from, as I don’t see the point of it at all. I don’t want to be consumed by how others live their lives and I have always believed that we all have our own journey. As such, I do not judge anyone and I expect not to be judged in return.

I have grown impatient of a lot, I realize that but I no longer have the time or the energy to entertain such things.


– ParPar.V


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