Friday Favourites!

Hello guys and gals!

Happy April 1st and Happy April fools day! watch out for those pranks today!! I know I sure have my guard up. Anywho, I haven’t posted a “Friday Favorites” in a while but back by popular demand here are some of my personal favorites of the week 👌😊🌸  Let me know which ones you guys like, I always love your comments!

1) Favorite hairstyle of the week: curls and Ombre hair color!

2)  Favorite new salad: Herb Roasted Wild Salmon Niçoise

Haricot verts, petite tomatoes, egg, potatoes, kalamata olives, roasted tomato dressing.

(Bistro Verde – Nordstrom Pacific Centre)

I don’t usually get very excited over salads but you guys… this was on another level! If you have a Nordstrom in your city, look for this in their restaurant. If not follow the ingredients above 😛

3) My favorite new shoes: NIKE AIR HUARACHE ULTRA

They are SO comfortable!! I definitely recommend them 🙂

4) A little Parisian Coffee Break with MACRONS!!! And a catch-up session with a friend ❤

I don’t know if this is a Vancouver city thing but people here are crazy over Macrons. I have to admit they are delicious but the best ones I’ve ever had are still in Paris (sorry, not sorry-it’s the


5) Springtime in Vancouver with Cherry Blossoms 

oh my goodness the cherry blossoms are everywhere and I am loving the spring beauty in Vancouver. Just when I think I am over living in this city… it just pulls me right back in! well played Van… well played!


6)That moment when you realize you are not alone!

This is a picture I took just yesterday. I was working on something on my computer, only to look up for a brief moment and suddenly realize I was intensely being watched! LOL.. needless to say we had a 5 min staring contest… the seagull won.

All Picture taken with my iPhone 6S 

For more pictures like these follow me on Instagram: @parparv

Xx. ParPar


3 Comments Add yours

  1. alexraphael says:

    That is one cool gull. Did you prank anyone this year?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. parparvan says:

      Ahhhh sooo funny he was just looking at me for 10 min. Lol nooo I didn’t get pranked nor did I prank anyone! I am not huge on surprises! You?


      1. alexraphael says:

        Ha! Nothing too big this year. There’s a scene in Friends when they are all in the dark waiting for the birthday boy to come in. They hear the door being unlocked and the light is switched on. They all jump up and shout Happy Birthday. Unfortunately its Ross who is bringing the cake. In the shock he proceeds to drop it haha.


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