What is an Evil Eye?

Hello my awesome readers,

As many of you know, I am of Persian descent and our culture carries a lot of deep superstitious beliefs, many of which are still believed today. Although I am not always superstitious, I do believe that people give off a certain kind of energy/vibe which could unintentionally affect those around them.

In my culture, an “Evil Eye” is given by an individual (either intentionally or unintentionally) as a negative form of energy that is often fueled by jealousy or envy. This kind of energy is given off most by people who are often jealous or always have eyes on other people’s lives (much like the concept; the grass is greener on the other side).

The notion of the evil eye surprisingly exists in many cultures:

Farsi (My mother-tongue) = Cheshme Shoor or bla band, Nazar (the eye of evil).

Hebrew = ayin ha’ra

Yiddish = ayin horoh, ayin hora, or ayen hara

Italian = mal occhio (the bad eye)

Spanish = mal ojo or el ojo (the bad eye or just the eye).

In Sicily= ijettatore (the projection of the evil eye)

In modern English, “The Evil Eye” would be the equivalent of getting “bad vibes” from an individual and in some way experienced as series of unfortunate events because of “bad vibes”.

(side note: I didn’t think this would be so hard to explain in English, without sounding crazy that is lol, but it was! I hope the above made some sense).

For example, let’s say you JUST bought a brand new car and you show it to one of your friends who then internally is a bit jealous of your purchase (even unintentionally), despite saying “congratulations”, they may give off an evil eye. And soon after (or even on that day) you might experience some bad luck with your car: accident, speeding ticket, getting broken into, car breaking down so on and so forth. All of those are generally attributed to an evil eye.

I have heard a ton of stories about random evil eye experiences from a chandelier almost falling on my friends head (who had a few people over, who complimented her on the crystal chandelier). And personally experiencing very RANDOM injuries that I didn’t think were even possible!

If we think of this on the basis of energy levels, it might all be explained- I believe intuitively we sense bad energies or vibes when it’s around us and that probably throws us out of our normal vibrational level, which in turn causes these mishaps. Whatever, the cause of it might be, the good news is that there are ways to get some protection!


The Evil Eye Charms!

I really can’t pin down where these charms originated from but they can be found all over the Middle East (the evil eye charm is maybe the ONE thing the Middle East collectively agrees on lol). I know I have various versions of the blue protection charm that is said to reflect (or send back) any negative energy.

You can get them as a form of jewelry or even as a decorative art form. I have one in my car, at home, and more recently have started to wear my evil eye protection jewelry just to double up on things 😛

Of course, this doesn’t guarantee that nothing bad will ever happen to you again  but a little protection against certain bad vibes never hurt anybody!

Let me know if you guys have ever seen these?! AND what are your thoughts on the concept?!


Xx. ParParV






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  1. Lisa A. says:

    I was going to say el mal ojo. Some Hispanics believe in that. I know exactly what you’re talking about. You’re not crazy!😆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. parparvan says:

      Oh really?? Yes I was so surprised to see similar concepts in other cultures! Thanks for reassuring me about my sanity, I had serious doubt about publishing this post… I read it once and I was like … “Yep, a lot of people are gonna think I’ve lost it ” but it’s a huge part of my culture and I had to share it! ❤️❤️❤️
      Thanks for reading!!

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      1. Lisa A. says:

        I don’t think anyone would think that about you! This community is very understanding and open minded.

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  2. alexraphael says:

    How very informative. Always great to find out so much more about different cultures. Well explained too 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. parparvan says:

      Hey Alex! Thanks for reading and stopping by 🙂 I wonder if over int he UK have you seen any of these evil eye charms anywhere? I am assuming not but just curious!


      1. alexraphael says:

        That would be cool but sadly not. They do have them in Mexico though. My sister still has hers.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. parparvan says:

        awesome!!! didnt know they had them in Mexico ~ Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. parparvan says:

      Thank you sweetie!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. zdunno03 says:

    That blue protective charm is sold everywhere in Turkey in all types of decorative jewelry or pendants, key chains, wall hangings, etc. It is very much a part of the culture, which has been influenced by Persian culture. Italians also have the “horns” which originally was a sign that a man was the victim of his wife’s infidelity but has a broader meaning now, much like “the evil eye”. In Naples, people also have the red pepper symbol which is, I was told, worn to protect one from evil. Many cultures have some symbol used to either protect the holder from evil or to bring good fortune or good luck, which isn’t so far from protecting one against someone’s bad wishes. So this idea of “the evil eye” is really, as you’ve indicated, pretty universal.


    1. parparvan says:

      Oh my gosh! I was actually thinking about you Leonard, when I was writing this very post!! I know you are residing in Turkey and I remember from my last trip that the main Bazaar in Turkey had an entire block dedicated to the blue evil eye charms, sorry the name escapes me now. I wish so much that I had access to them now because they are somewhat hard to find in Canada, especially ones that are made from glass or are of higher quality. Next time, I visit Turkey or Iran I will surely stock up!
      I never knew that so many cultures believed in the same notion of good and bad luck. Also, I have never been to Naples and I did not know that red peppers symbolized protection either. And Italians with the horns… wow! how fascinating, I would like to read more about the origins of such traditions. Let me know if you have any book recommendations for me 🙂

      Thank you for your comment and reading my blog!


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      1. zdunno03 says:

        Think of rabbit’s feet, four leaf clovers, and horseshoes and so many superstitions people have to ward off or to attract luck. You’ve hit on a universal topic. You can find those evil eyes in Turkey everywhere, not just the Grand Bazaar. Next time I’m in Naples I’ll pick up a red pepper charm for you if you don’t get there before me. It would be my pleasure.


  4. Tony Burgess says:

    It’s cool you are part Persian, that is not something you encounter every day. I have a friend who’s dad is Iranian. The evil eye is something a mother is really good at giving when you get into trouble.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. parparvan says:

      Thanks Tony!! Ohh I do not think mothers would give their own children bad luck it’s not possible~ there is a motherly instinct that blocks that one 😛 So you have a half Persian friend?! that is awesome, have you tried any Iranian food?


      1. Tony Burgess says:

        No Iranian. I have had Indian and I love it but it does not love me.

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      2. Tony Burgess says:

        I love a good Pad Thai and Chinese food.

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  5. PeculiarPorter says:

    I love this post! I have a few rings that have the evil eye because I’ve always been so fascinated with the concept of it. I’m so glad to have stumbled upon this post.

    xo Logan

    Liked by 1 person

    1. parparvan says:

      Hi Logan!

      Thanks for stopping by, I am thrilled you found my little corner on the web! you have a great site as well. I love the evil eye pendants but it’s really hard to find in North America, where did you get yours?



      1. PeculiarPorter says:

        I got a few from Francesca’s and American Eagle! I wouldn’t be surprised if H&M or Forever 21 had some as well. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Here in Brazil these charms are named Greek Eye and they’re sold mainly as a form of jewelry, I own a cute bracelet. It’s always great to learn about different cultures!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. parparvan says:

      Hi Luiza! oh wow you call them the “Greek Eye” that is something I did not know. Thank you so much for teaching me something new! ps. I love Brazil!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. iamioana says:

    I have also home. I buy it from Turkey, I find them very good for home protection 🙂

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