Book Review: EveryData

Hello my awesome readers,

I am back with another book review to share with you and I am ever more excited about it! “EveryData:The Misinformation Hidden in The Little Data You Consume Everyday” by expert economists John H. Johnson (PhD.) & Mike Gluck is a book that was sent to me by its publishing company a few months ago and I was delighted to add it to my summer reads.

(Disclaimer: all opinions for this post are of my own.)


EveryData is a fun and easy twist on the little data we are all presented with on a daily basis equipped with easy to follow graphs and real-life examples. According to EveryData, we are presented with approximately 30 gigabytes of data each and every single day. Take a minute to let that sink in, that is an absurd amount of data for any individual to try and decipher, therefore having the right tools to do so is probably a good idea. If you consider our daily exposure to newspaper headlines, stock reports, blogs , weather forecasts and so on, it all adds up to a huge bundle of confusion.

In my personal experience, I recall early last year encountering three different news media outlets presenting three different stories about the effects of coffee which read something like;

  1. Research has found that coffee drinkers will have a shorter lifespan.
  2. Research indicates that coffee consumption lowers the risk of Cancer.
  3. Research indicates that people who drink coffee are more successful.

(Seriously, how are you even suppose to decide if you should drink coffee or not? Yes, you may have a shorter life if you do but you will avoid cancer and be more successful? what does any of this even mean, and how legitimate is the “Research” the news outlets always quote.)

If you have ever encountered this mess of data, then you have been paying attention to the news! And you need to read this book to know why this happens & learn useful interpretation skills for little data. Frankly, I think EveryData is a great starter manual that teaches you the necessary life skill of data interpretation, which we all need to survive in today’s world.

Let me know if you guys have experienced similar encounters with Data on the news, I would be curious to know your thoughts!

– Par



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  1. Kristy ww. says:

    This sounds interesting! I haven’t been able to digest a balanced reading life lately, but I’d definitely pick something like this up also. . . I agree- – with all the “research data” out there how can we know if coffee really is good for us or not? Every time I see these types of articles circulating the internet I pay less and less attention to it. I’ve never thought to interpret the fact that we are presented with about 30gb of data daily. . . how mind boggling! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. parparvan says:

      Kristy! thank you so much for reading and stopping by, to be honest I had set out to read about 6 books this summer but only got through to 3 but this one was by far my most favourite, if you do end-up reading it I would be curious to know your thoughts on it! Alright back to getting bombarded by 30gb of data 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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