My Favourite New Music App: Bandsintown

Hello, my amazing readers!

Today I want to share with you a new app that I have discovered which has proven to be very useful. As many of you may have noticed by now, my taste in music isn’t exactly mainstream which sometimes presents it’s own challenges, especially when I am trying to find the bands next stop in my hometown of Vancouver. Many of my favorite new bands don’t get much publicity for their shows and often book gigs last minute, so it’s common for a lot of fans to miss their shows (which is so unfortunate).


That’s why when I heard about the App Bandsintown I was excited to find out more. Bandsintown is an app that alerts you of any upcoming shows that your selected list of artists in your hometown. As soon as an artist schedules their next gig in your city you get a notification on your phone. This way you never have to miss an opportunity to catch a live show!

The touring app that connects artist to fans.

Ok, so it’s not the most revolutionary idea but it sure does make things more convenient. The app is also free (for now) and my user rating for this is 4/5, they lose points for me for not having ALL the underground artist I like but they are on point with everything else. Here are some screenshots of the app from my phone:

Last week I got an alert from the app that one of my favorite bands from Brooklyn, Wet, who I am tracking on the app, has scheduled a concert in Vancouver for Nov.2nd:

So what are your thoughts on this app? would you use it?! Have you used it? I am curious to know!



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