Makeup Application: Brush, Sponge or Fingers?


When it comes to makeup application the technique you use is pretty important for the finished outcome you wish to achieve. This is something that has only recently come to my attention since I don’t really spend a lot of time navigating through the makeup world.

There are three main options that everyone practices with applying foundation; brush, sponge or fingers. Here is my take on each of these techniques from my own personal experience.

Brush: If you ever get your makeup done by a professional makeup artist it’s likely that they used multiple brushes for applying your foundation and concealer. This is a great method to apply foundation on your skin but it takes a lot of time and I find that a brush really eats up your foundation. However, the result is smooth airbrush finish.


Sponge: A very new technique (for me), I became obsessed with the sponge after the first time I tried it because I find that it really gives you a smooth finish and blends the foundation really well on your skin. Since you soak up the sponge in water, a good sponge shouldn’t eat away your foundation by absorbing it. However still, this is a technique that does require a lot more time and effort.


Fingers: I’ve been using my fingers to apply foundation for years, which I am sure is a big NO-NO in the makeup world! but honestly, sometimes if I am in a rush and I need to get out of the house, it’s the best technique. I find that the warmth of my fingertips against the skin on my face creates more of a natural and light finish, which I love for a day look. I still use this method if I want minimal coverage and have no time to sit and apply make-up.



Let me know if you guys have any tips and tricks when it comes to applying foundation, I would love to learn more.



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  1. zdunno03 says:

    Well it’s hard for me to relate to this but I think when in doubt fingers are the best.

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    1. parparvan says:

      LOL! best. response. ever! I think the takeaway point from this post is that all women have to be artists… we are immensely pressured to learn how to paint our faces!

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      1. zdunno03 says:

        It is a shame, though, that society does not put as much emphasis on cultivating the inner as opposed to our outer shells. But to cultivate both is the best approach.

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  2. I personally love sponges!! it gives you a nice airy feel 🙂

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    1. parparvan says:

      I know right? I have only started to use sponges in the last year and it is by far my favourite- but cleaning the sponge is so annoying!

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  3. I definitely prefer sponges. I find they make the foundation look more even. Fingers is definitely a big no-no, especially if you’ve got trouble skin like I do, haha. Using fingers then just transfers bacteria onto your skin which can cause acne problems. I’m sure it’s fine if you make sure your hands are super clean beforehand though!

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    1. parparvan says:

      Thanks for the response! Sponges are the best, I wish I had learned about them earlier. I knowww… fingers are a terrible and a last resort and the bacteria thing is really gross! I assure you, I always wash up my hands before applying anything 😉

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