Hermès Artisans Come to Vancouver!


I am always excited when new fashion events take place in Vancouver. And if you attended the; Hermès Artisan At Work, event in Vancouver it’s unlikely you left disappointed. If you didn’t get a chance to catch the exhibit don’t worry I’ve got you covered with pictures, descriptions, brand history and most importantly tips and tricks on how to spot a fake Hermès.

Event: Hermès Artisan At Work,

Location: Jack Poole Plaza near Canada Place.

Date: Sept. 21-25, 2016

 Event Details: Hermès artisans (craftspeople) from France visited Vancouver (equipped with individual translators) to demonstrate just how the most iconic products of Hermès are handmade with delicate craftsmanship, skillful hands, intelligence, talent, attention to detail and most importantly the human touch. One of the only brands left today, that still favors handmade products over the factory produced. That’s what makes Hermès … Hermès.

Owning an Hermès scarf or bag isn’t about blatantly pointing out that you are wealthy with a giant label slapped onto your clothes. Owning an Hermès original is, in many ways, owning wearable art.

I was surprised to see Hermes Artisans put on such a production in Vancouver because this is a very young city when it comes to hosting ‘Haute Couture’ fashion labels. But with a sea of foreign investors who have taken over Vancouver in the last 10 years, money is flowing like it never has before & with money comes a lot of high-end designer demands. In the last two years alone we’ve seen some serious fashion houses open stand-alone stores in Vancouver some of which include; Yves Saint Laurent, Versace Home, Versace Clothing, Prada & Moncler. 

There are those brands that I just mentioned and then there is… Hermès, a brand that has always stayed true to its traditions, quality, and craftsmanship since 1837. Owning an Hermès scarf or bag isn’t about blatantly pointing out that you are wealthy with a giant label slapped onto your clothes. Owning an Hermès original is, in many ways, like owning wearable art. In fact, the highest quality Hermes products aren’t recognizable for  their “label” but for their unique fabric quality, cut, print and structural design.

The Hermès exhibit in Vancouver highlighted the brand’s values and ethos by showcasing the process that most designers have long forgotten about: handmade products by skilled artisans.

Welcome to Hermès Artisans At Work:


Hermes special edition hand painted plates; each and every plate takes hours and skilful hands to be delicately drawn on by an artisan.


The highest quality leather for the best handmade gloves in the world.


And watches…



Each and every Hermès scarf is hand printed and pressed with careful consideration for the delicate silk fabric.


From start to finish an original Hermès scarf could take up to 2 years to be fully crafted.


Each scarf being hand stitched by a skillful artisan with a technique that is unique only to an Hermès original.


So how do you tell a fake Hermès scarf from a real one?

Paying close attention to the edges of the scarf that should be neatly rolled, with small variations in the stitching that indicated the handmade artisan’s craftsmanship. A fully symmetric stitching wouldn’t roll as it would likely be machine sewn and thus fake!




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